Dispenser Service


Our service team consists of three experienced service technicians under the leadership of our service manager, Jim Gubbin.  Jim schedules the installations, maintenance, and repairs for the dispenser equipment as well as working hands-on at our customers’ plants.  We use only industrial-quality components and are dedicated to improving our admixture dispensing systems by continuing to research the best equipment and technology.  The entire staff in our service department is very knowledgeable concerning admixture dispensing equipment and general batch-plant operations.


We stock a very sufficient level of dispenser equipment and parts inventory, both at our warehouse and on the service trucks, enabling a quick response to service calls.


We realize that, although malfunctioning dispenser equipment is not always an emergency, it is still a real inconvenience to batch plant operations.   When the service manager or technician is notified of an equipment failure or the request for a change in equipment, he communicates with the plant operator to determine the urgency of the situation.  Typically a technician is dispatched the same day—on the second day only if acceptable by the plant manager. In the event of a true emergency, a technician is dispatched immediately.


Types of Dispensing Equipment Available


  • Dispenser bottles are available in all necessary sizes for manual through fully-automated batch plants.
  • Meter-direct systems for particular products not requiring a sight-tube bottle are available.
  • Touch-screen automatic dispenser controls are available for use with plants that are not fully automated but require auto-admix batching.
  • Pumps used are typically self-priming, double-diaphragm, air-driven pumps. Electric self-priming or centrifugal pumps are also available where required.
  • Portable dispensing equipment and tanks for use at job sites or batch plants are available.
  • Bulk poly storage tanks ranging from 165-6,000-gallon capacities are available