Company Profile


Brett Admixtures has been a privately-owned company since 1988. Twenty years prior, it operated as a division of another business until John Brett purchased it in October, 1988.  Brett Admixtures has been a manufacturer and distributor of Euclid admixtures since 1998, working closely with Euclid to meet our customers’ ongoing needs and unique applications. Brett Admixtures' office and manufacturing facility are located in Albertville, Minnesota. With outlying terminals located at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Marengo, Iowa, and Fargo, North Dakota, the company is uniquely poised to serve its customers throughout ten states in the upper Midwest.


At Brett Admixtures, business is still completed the old-fashioned way, with the personal service of a smaller company. You receive the service you deserve, and we take pride in caring for your business.


Also, because we are partnered with The Euclid Chemical Company, one of the largest admixture companies worldwide, we have full access to their chemists, R & D, and diagnostics labs. You benefit not only from the personal service of a smaller business but also from the vast resources that an international organization.


As an authorized manufacturer and distributor for Euclid, we manufacture all of our products according to Euclid’s high standards of quality control, right in our own plant. Our products are then distributed to our terminals located near you for quick delivery, giving you the benefits of both a larger and smaller company. That means you get the best of both worlds!


Technical Support and Services


Brett Admixtures’ goal is to be the leader in the industry by providing customers with outstanding service as well as quality and innovative products.


Brett Admixtures offers:


The best representatives in the industry

Proven product performance

Exclusive mix-design software

A sincere commitment to service

Leading-edge technology

Several distribution points to expedite delivery

Reliable and accurate dispensing equipment


Brett Admixtures is dedicated to developing innovative performance-driven mixes that maximize your materials’ performance while economizing your costs.




The Brett Admixtures plant is an authorized Euclid manufacturing plant.  Every batch of admixture manufactured is tested for pH, specific gravity, and solids to be sure it meets Euclid’s high standards – standards higher than the states in which we do business.


The Euclid Chemical Company is ISO 9001 certified. This means that both our product design and its manufacturing meet the most stringent quality program requirements. The ISO system incorporates a procedure for dealing with problems, but, more importantly, it provides a competitive advantage for our customers. Even some United States Departments of Transportation are considering using ISO 9001 as their standard. There are several industries that already require their suppliers to be ISO certified.